Alefredo EdTech Joins Visionary Founders at Sadu Capital’s Founder’s Day for Entrepreneurial Insights and Connections?

Founder’s Day, organized by Sadu Capital was an exceptional event that we at Alefredo EdTech had the privilege of attending. This exclusive gathering brought together numerous founders and organizations from Saudi Arabia and various other countries.

At this special event, a carefully selected group of visionary founders representing rapidly growing companies came together to engage in insightful discussions about entrepreneurship, share ideas, and build valuable connections. Our founder, Ahmad Fareed Al Saif, was among the esteemed attendees.

These gatherings play a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of valuable insights and experiences among entrepreneurs. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sadu Capital and their dedicated team, Qusai AlSaif, MBA, Salem Washeely, Atiq Anas, Munirah Bin Masoud for providing us with this invaluable opportunity!

Ayman Rashed
Marwan Abu Sakha
Abdullah Absi
Moayad Alsowayegh
Mai Abdulwahab
Asia AL yousef
Yousef AlDabbagh
Abdulrahman Alshaya

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