Learn more about Alefredo Books(Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

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Yes. We provide past papers, educational courses, and educational products for children.

Yes, there is a section for those wishing to donate books free of charge, as we will coordinate to collect the books you want to donate at your convenience. Your donation will help students in impoverished areas and governorates in Jordan who cannot afford books. Also, it will support our idea and start-up business as we use 5% of the book value to cover transportation costs and encourage used books consumption

Yes, we have past papers for: 

  • IG: Primary 5+6 grade, Secondary 7+8, O level 9+10, and 
  • A level 11+12 (Edexcel and Cambridge).
  • AP (free response question).
  • IB (standard level 9+10, higher-level 11+12).

Test books: 400 hundred (multiple-choice) questions with answers and explanations, available for SAT, AP, and ACT.

Yes, we offer “Teacher edition” books with special discounts for teachers.

We do not have a physical store; we have an online store website instead, through which you can buy, sell and donate your books easily with the support of our active customer support center

Yes. Delivery service is available to all governorates of Jordan.

Yes, we have new and used books.

In the meantime, we do not work with the national curricula textbooks

Yes. Alefredo books earn a commission percentage of the sale, and it varies depending on the book’s price. The percentage will appear on the website when setting the book’s price

After you have registered the book you’d like to sell on our website We will buy your book once another customer orders it.

You can sell your books through our website: www.AlefredoBooks.com, select “Sell your book” category, then create an account or sign in if you are already registered. After that, you can start listing the books you want to sell by entering the book’s ISBN. 

Once another customer has ordered your book, we will contact you to purchase the book.

The book owner can set the selling price through “Alefredo books” website after filling in the main book’s information. Please note that Alefredo books will help you set a price by showing you the average selling price for this book, but you are free to choose otherwise, depending on the condition of your book

  • To cultivate and encourage a culture of reusing books among people and students.
  • Promote respect for intellectual property and prevent photocopying by providing students the opportunity to buy used books.
  • Preserve the environment by saving trees and reducing landfill waste.
  • Help students save money as used books may cost you only half the rate of new books. By buying them, you may cut costs and buy more books with that money you have saved. 

Textbooks for international systems (SAT/ IG/AP/ACT), university books, languages books, and Global tests books (TOEFL, IELTS, ICDL).

An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number, composed of 13 digits and you can find it on the back cover of the book

Depending on demand, it might take 30 to 60 days; in January, March, and June to October, there is a higher demand for school textbooks

By writing the 13-digit ISBN in the search box.

If no results appeared, we advise you to contact us.

1- Used Books Marketplace for (IGCSE AP ACT IB SAT Check Point and More)

2- Past Papers and teacher summaries (Digital and Paper format)

3- Mock Exams and quizzes platform

Cultivating and encouraging a culture of reusing books among people and students. 

No, your contact information will not be visible to interested buyers. “Alefredo Books” is committed to protecting its customer’s information and privacy.